Introducing Mango Cottage Health

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

So many people do not appear to understand how their nutrition and lifestyle choices affect their well being, health and longevity. If they do understand, they must be ignoring it because so many people eat too much of the wrong foods and make poor lifestyle choices.  The power and potential of nutrition cannot be over emphasised
I believe most people I see are suffering from a chronic condition in one from or another that they are completely unaware of.  It’s crept upon them slowly over the years and has become their new ‘norm’.  They would be unaware of how much better they might feel with a few simple nutritional and lifestyle changes.


Mango Cottage Health aims to help people appreciate how easy it is to make these changes, how easily one can make a nutritious meal and how simple lifestyle changes can resolve issues and avoid poor health outcomes.

I intend to post a series of conditions to this site, imaginary people with imaginary conditions, common conditions that many people suffer from. The incidence of chronic illness is increasing and whilst the medical world, the pharmaceutical world might be good in acute and catastrophic conditions, they are seriously lacking when it comes to managing chronic conditions.

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