What Mango Cottage Health offers

The traditional pathway – $100 for three consultations –

This way, we get to follow up on any nutritional and lifestyle changes 

First consultation  – 1 hour or more     $60

In this consultation we will be fact finding and completing an extensive patient intake form. We will conclude with providing a clear nutritional and lifestyle plan for you for the immediate future.  We might also decide on a regime of supplements that may be important.

Second Consultation  – 1 hour      $40

This consultation would be a week to two weeks later where we would discuss progress.  We would tweak the nutritional and lifestyle plan, making sure you are comfortable with the changes you have made.  We would introduce more foods and provide some meal plans and recipes.

Third Consultation  – 1 hour      $0

This consultation would be 6 weeks to two months later. Where did we go?  Have things changed? Let’s re-introduce some foods

The alternative pathways

Single consultation – 1 1/2 hours  $80

Come and chat for a while. Let me understand the issue and make some recommendations.

Personal session – up to 3 hours     $120

This pathway is open to negotiation and fluid. It is driven by you and your desire to change your current status, to repair and renew.  My role is more like that of a personal trainer/mentor.
I can come to your home or we can wander around the supermarket together. We might even do both.  We will discuss your regular nutrition, what food you buy, what your common meals consist and get a very real sense of your current status.  I’ll make alternative suggestions where appropriate.  I will give you some healthy meal plans and recipes. We might even prepare some food together. I would suggest changes to your lifestyle, which would include recommendations to reduce your exposure to common household toxins.

Group session – up to 2 hours        $100

These sessions are information giving or actually preparing food as a group of no more than 4 people in your house.  You organise 3 friends to come over and we will sit and discuss aspects of health or we might actually prepare some food. It maybe that you want to make sauerkraut, preserve lemons or make an insect repellant.


A recent testimonial

Hi Jeff,
Thank you very much for the very valuable appointment and for all these additional information as well as summarising notes! I appreciate your support very much, it is really a such a great gift and I will definitely consider your recommendations!
Thanks a lot, 
Best wishes!